Hunter’s Progress

01 Mar

Its been just about a month since I transferred my hunter Nodens (fka Burl, name was taken I guess) to my current server.  Despite my minor misgivings about the price of the transfer, I think its been worth it.

Its been a busy month, but I’ve still managed to log a reasonable amount of time on him when not plugging away with my priest main and our regular instance group.

Nodens came to the new server at level 43 with his mount and a modest amount of gold and miscellaneous items from my other toons on the old server I packed in his bank and bags.  So he was basically ready to make the push on to 60 (or rather 58 and Outland) which was my plan.

Not having played him in quite a while, of course he had at some point been refunded all his talent points so the initial hurdle was to figure out what a decent leveling spec for a mid-40s hunter would be.  Still casting about a bit in this regard as I haven’t fully researched it nor played him in quite a while.  He’s mostly solo and or small group so I went with what the armory calls a Marksmanship build of 11/26/8 with the idea that if I hate it, I’ll just respec once I get a better feel for how it plays again.

Any suggestions are welcome.  My pet seems to be able to keep aggro very well with good survivability at this point but I feel a bit light on mana as usual and I’m just getting to the point where I do have to be careful about pulling too much aggro from the pet, so I may have gone a bit too far in the marksmanship tree for optimal soloing.

To restate the obvious, I don’t think I would have done this had patch 2.3 not come along.  Like so many alts that got to the high 30s or low 40s, the slog through stranglethorn vale, etc. would have been too high a hurdle to bear.  Post patch, with the addition of new content in Duskwallow and the XP nerf, progress has been relatively fast and steady.  I think I only did about 1/3 of the quests in STV, and those were the ones I actually wanted to do.

In about a month with probably playing an average of 4 hours a week, I’ve managed to ding level 54 (11 levels) which has been just about a full level (or darned close) for each session I’ve been playing.  Intersperse that with leveling up too completely new professions (old: skinning, leatherworking; new: mining, engineering) and the progress feels even more significant.  As a matter of fact, one of the limiting factors in his progress is the amount of bluebar he’s been able to maintain.

Playing two or three modest sessions a week seems to eat up all of his rested xp bonus quickly.  Something I hadn’t seen with our instance group which is perpetually in blue bar.  I’m beginning to wonder whether the rested xp bonus accrual rate might not be fully in synch with the post-2.3 world.  No worries, it seems to have forced me/allowed me to get my new tradeskills up to nearly at-level.  Of all the tradeskill combinations I’ve tried, mining/engineering seems to be close to a closed loop, allowing one to almost fully feed the other without too much extra resource gathering.

While money and XP hasn’t been an issue, finding decent gear certainly has.  With scattered play sessions, I haven’t been seeking out instance groups, and the drops or quest rewards have been so so.  I was able to get a great deal on a Stoneraven polearm and likewise a Skull Splitting Crossbow but for 11 levels I haven’t found much by way of decent upgrades for armor and some of his items he’s been wearing since the late 30’s or early 40s.

With Outland calling just a scant 4 levels away at this point, I plan to muddle through with what come my way.  I may dive into a few instances to get my carrot-on-a-stick and some other blues, but it may just not be worth it with L58 upgrades available so near.


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2 responses to “Hunter’s Progress

  1. syncaine

    March 3, 2008 at 6:43 am

    Hope you find this in the filter, if that is still happening.

    Having recently hit 60+, and being in the Outlands for the first time, I can tell you you don’t need to worry about gear. Once you hit outlands, basically every slot is quickly upgraded through quest rewards. Those rewards are more powerful than even blue drops from the level 60 old world instances. Also, at least on my server, the 58+ BoE gear on the AH is fairly priced, so if you are really missing a piece of gear, buying an upgrade is easy enough.

    In addition, I’ve seen more PuG groups for the early instances than anywhere else in Outlands, and those places are both short and fairly easy.

    Just going off the hunters in my guild, but going full Beast Spec seems to be the best leveling spec. Buff your pet and let it do all the work. Makes gear less important as well.

    Good luck!


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