How Rumors Get Started

04 Feb

Of course, part of the fun of having a WordPress blog is the traffic information it gives you. I’m continuously amazed by how people find my site. Not so much by what they’re searching on, but that given what their searching on, they think something posted on my site is relevant. Apparently, I’m not alone in my amazement.

So, imagine my surprise when I see this:


Activision Blizzard, yeah yeah, LotRo, PotBS, WoW, Eve, even polyhedral dice. But “ancient gaming noob” dwarf irl?

Interesting question I suppose. Come to think of it, there’s a compelling case to be made:

Exhibit A: The Noob.

Nope. Headshot only. Some plant in the background, but that could be groundcover for all I know. They say you can learn a lot about a person from what characters they play in games, so what about clues from the site?

Exhibit B: Blintz the Fae.

Well, not exactly a dwarf, but diminutive certainly. Could just be escapism.

Exhibit C: Unnamed Vanguard, uh, Gnome.

Again, diminutive, but not really a dwarf and other than eye brows matching the moustache… More like evidence of a demented 70’s childhood. Probably has one that looks like Gopher from Love Boat too. Might just be nostalgia.

Exhibit D: Unnamed Vanguard Dwarf

Even the Noob’s grammar is better than that but it is a dwarf and was the first Vanguard toon he rolled…

Exhibit E: Blintz from WoW

Dwarf alright. Cat at feet, check. Ancient, yes. Receding hairline? Not quite, unless there’s a chin strap on that rug in Exhibit A I didn’t see. Still, I’m seeing a trend…

Exhibit F: Nomu from EQ2

Hard to judge scale, but trust me here. There’s a dwarf in there. Curiouser still.

Exhibit G: Nomu from LotRO

Another dwarf…Another Nomu. N. O. M. U. Noob Only Makes Undersized characters? Oh sure, he plays a human pally now in the instance group, but he started as a dwarf….

Four out of six, dwarf. Six out of six, uh, diminutive. Sounds like a story for Strange but True? Of course, thats how rumors get started… Remember, they wouldn’t put it on teh Intrawebs if it wasn’t true.


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2 responses to “How Rumors Get Started

  1. Wilhelm2451

    February 4, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Now I am going to have to put up a characters page in a vain attempt to dispel this rumor! I had a mighty line of barbarians named Vikund that pre-date the dwarf thing.

    I used to play only human/half elf/barbarian characters, but I began to favor the shorter races when I found that the little buildings in Butcherblock back in EQ1 were too small for a barbarian to fit into. (Back in the old, old days.)

    I do not think I have ever seriously played a gnome however. There is a line below which one should never descend.

    (And exhibit C looks like Herve Villachaize, not Fred Grandy… okay, more like Herve than Fred.)


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