Activision Blizzard SEC Filings

06 Dec

Peeps are starting to get into the details and implications (and speculation) about what’s going to happen as a result of the Activision Blizzard deal. Tobold, Darren at The Common Sense Gamer and others have good discussions going about the implications of the deal.

In a continuing effort to put original source material at our fingertips, here are some of the various Activision SEC filings discussing the deal. Since the deal needs to be approved by Activision shareholders, the vast majority of their communications to the outside world that discusses the deal is deemed to be proxy solicitation materials and required to be filed with the SEC.

Vivendi, the parent of Vivendi Games is traded on the Paris exchange and isn’t required to file information with the SEC in the U.S. Neither my French language skills nor my knowledge of French securities law is good enough to be able to glean any info from the AMF, the French securities regulation agency. Also, because the deal is not required to be approved by shareholders of Vivendi, there may not be much information there anyway other than at very general level.

Here is the announcement webcast transcript.

Here is the powerpoint presentation that accompanied the announcement (html, not PowerPoint format).

Here is the Activision employees announcement and powerpoint (again, html, not PowerPoint format).

Lots to sift through in there, so go to. I’ll link other stuff as it becomes available.

[update 12/7]

Here is the link to the latest Report on Form 8-K describing the deal in detail. Attached to this report as exhibits are the actual deal documents (pretty dry stuff unless you do these things for a living). Here is the business combination agreement, Kotick’s employment agreement (and bonus agreement), Kelly’s employment (and bonus)as well and that of Activision Publishing’s Mike Griffith.

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