PotBS: Character Creation

You don’t get if you don’t ask.

Brackishwaters asked in a comment to my previous impressions post:

“Character customization is somewhere in the WoW-LotRO/DDO continuum. Clothing is where customization shines IMHO. Lots of choices for developing your cool look. Cool hats, eye patches, etc.”

Wow, this is kind of disappointing actually. I never found those systems to be that in depth and anything that compares to the customization of WoW’s character creation is just a joke really. I hope this is truly not the case. FLS stated that they wanted to go for a CoX system. Do you think they compare?

You can be the judge. Here is the basic character creation screen for a Pirate (Nvidia 7950GT @ 1280×1024 with pretty much everything maxed):


And here is the creation panel you can work with:


Note while you have quite a few choices if there are “variants” for clothing items (and two independent colors for each item) you will also notice that there aren’t any sliders for changing body type or dimension. Body like WoW, clothes more like LotRO or CoX in terms of diversity and detail. You be the judge.

Just to give you a taste, here’s a about a minute and a half clip showing a few of the random selections for male and female Pirate characters. You Tube doesn’t do it justice, but enjoy.

3 thoughts on “PotBS: Character Creation”

  1. But on the flip side, why have a crazy detailed system for putting scars on the left side of your character’s face and a pockmark on his nose when 1) you’ll be getting a helmet soon and covering up the entire head anyway and 2) how many people actually scroll the camera in that close to stare at individual face pixels?

    External appearance (and by that I mean GEAR) is a huge motivation to look unique or at least to “prove” to the world you’ve done [insert raid/PvP content here].

    I have CoH and honestly I don’t see what the fuss is all about. The ‘character’ stuff is just ok and the ‘uniform’ stuff, sure you get to mix and match whatever you want but most of it looks like crap and my characters wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it.

    However, since that is apparently what causes people to give “ooohs” and “aaahs” over CoX’s creation system how about this: more choices for armor and gear.

    Let’s just talk end-game gear. Say you have Set A and Set B. You can *only* get those by completing certain content. Then we have Set C and Set D. These could either be rewarded or crafted but either way each piece has it’s general stats that say “this is end-game stuff” but also has room for enchantments so the player can obtain (through whatever means) the “extra” stats he wants, which then allows him to look however he wants without gimping himself.

  2. The PotBS clothing customization is pretty solid. It’s the limited facial customization that bugs me and, I’m guessing, others. I don’t want to flip through preset faces.

  3. @Talyn: I agree. I’ve blogged before about how much time devs put into tweaking facial expressions, etc. when I spend most of the time looking at the back of my own head. The outside matters most as does movement.

    EQ2 with its appearance slot figured this out. 9.8 million WoWers don’t seem to care much either.

    I’d give up a helluva lot in the body customization department to get some decent %$#@# animations. And by that, I don’t mean that PotBS doesn’t have decent animations– it clearly does. But games like LotRO which spent a great deal of time giving facial expressions to characters while animations (and coordination of animations with actions) are a bit clunky and less than fluid in transition.

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