You get what you pay for

24 Nov

In this life, you get what you pay for, or you pay for what you get. 

Over the course of the last year, I’ve witnessed the tremendous efforts that Brent has devoted to providing a center for the independent MMO community through the Virgin Worlds website and hosting the myriad podcasts for the Virgin Worlds podcast collective, including producing the Virgin Worlds weekly podcast (up to number ninety-freaking-four– when’t the last time you did 94 of anything that was worth a damn?) and keep Mrs. Brent happy, play in a band and hold a day job. 

As what passes for an adult these days, I’ve been wondering slack jawed how he finds the time much less the money to devote to indulging in what has clearly become much more than a mere hobby.  The short answer is through great personal sacrifice and commitment.  He’s passionate about these games and the entire community and we’re the freeloading bastards that get to benefit from independent news, information and discussion that Virgin Worlds fosters.

So, after careful thought and resisting the urge to jam craptastic banner advertising or google spamwords all across the site, he’s decided on a voluntary subscription model to support his efforts.  Works for PBS (more or less) and this is no different.  Independent perspectives from an independent site.

So if you value what he does (and I do) go here and put your money where your mouse is.

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One response to “You get what you pay for

  1. tenfoldhate

    November 26, 2007 at 10:48 am

    Yeah, VirginWorlds combines an unparalleled passion for MMOs with a keen critical eye and lively discussions, both on their forums and in their podcasts. Heck, they’re so good I even listen to many of the VirginWorlds podcasts for games I don’t even play! And we get all this free of seizure-inducing banner ads and company sponsored, sugar-coated spin. Worth every penny.


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