Creature of Habit

Boy, have I been absent from the MMOGosphere lately. Since we recently moved– new job, new house– its been a bear getting back into a new “old” routine. Shows how much of a creature of habit I’ve become.  I don’t quite have that comfy go-here-now routine.

The new job is more lifestyle friendly, but ironically, I’m getting less blog reading done than at my old worn out job. I guess either I’m trying to make a decent impression (too late), or I’m actually trying to get work done and leave the office at a legitimate hour since that is not considered heresy there. Go figure. Suffice it to say, I haven’t locked in a solid blog surfing and coffee ingestion period yet.

Likewise, new house topology has done a bit to limit screen time.  To be fair, a goodly portion of my time has been preoccupied with the “long tail” of moving– those not-so-important boxes and not-so-important getting settled projects that seem to asymptotically approach “all done” over an infinite amount of time.  But, still topology (or probably topography) has a bit more to do with it.

In the old house, my office/game crib was conveniently located off the main living space and near the kitchen.  It was easy to simply waltz in and spend 5 or 10 minutes (or hours) online and actually maintain a conversation with my spouse in the other room (when she wasn’t logged on or gaming on the machine next to me that is).  Now relegated to an upstairs bedroom, its a bit more of a departure rather than a dalliance.  Not exactly Napoleon going into Russia, but it does feel more like I’m checking out than just being around the corner and still within earshot.

The third factor is clearly the dearth of excitement going on in the game world right now.  With all of the highly anticipated releases pushed into 2008 and not currently participating in any betas (*shakesfist*), bloggery has been in a bit of a lull.  Something I hope to change once I get back into a comfortable little rut.

2 thoughts on “Creature of Habit”

  1. Good to see life is slowly settling down for you. Moving and getting a new job is always interesting. As for the office being upstairs, I had this issue at one point. The best bet is to get a laptop for the surfing stuff. So then you can sit there with the spouse and “watch” TV and chat with them while you are surfing and the such. It actually made a HUGE difference in my relationship when I started spending time with the now wife even if my attention wasn’t directed to her even 10% of the time sitting there. People just want to be close to each other heh.

  2. Good thought. I’ve thought about yet another computer in our lives for downstairs use and it would be awfully useful. Something just to surf and email with would be enough. My wife has been doing that with her laptop from time to time, but until the move, it was just so darned convenient to take two steps into the office and have the full sheer unbridled horsepower of my gaming rig to bring to bear on web surfing…;)

    I tend to avoid using the work machine for this stuff, but I think I’ll try dragging the work laptop home solely for the purpose of this experiment.

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