What I Did in Eve While I Went to the Grocery Store

04 Sep

Travel in Eve can take a bit of time. Oh sure, if you don’t click on auto pilot and manually jump from stargate to stargate you can avoid the time the autopilot adds to your trip by dropping out of warp 15km out from the stargate and then powering in the rest of the way. But a long trip is still a long trip. There is a zen in it all though. You feel the magnitude of the journey. This place is big.

Since I started two boxing Eve, I created a Minmatar alt on a second account to assist my Caldari main. They don’t start particularly close in space. Couple that with the fact that Wilhelm, our corporate CEO set up our offices out in the low rent district makes for some travel challenges.
To get up and running I moved my base of ops to our corporate HQ. My main had done most of the noob missions and was probably 10 jumps from the new HQ. Kind of a pain, but not that bad. More of a cross town move than out of state (a topic soon to be near and all to dear to yours truly).

My Minmatar noob alt, however, was a full 32 jumps from our new HQ. Nonetheless, I dutifully sent him on his way (during which he was ganked at a low security gate–note to self: remember to resent the autopilot to avoid low sec space when you make an alt…) after which he eventually arrived in the not-so-wilds of 0.6 space. With the redo from the gankage, probably about 1 hour of pure hands off travel time.

Tandem mining has been very fruitful since I started the two box endeavor, but I felt a bit restless, and yes, maybe a bit sorry for my long oppressed Minmatar that he didn’t have the opportunity to really assimilate with his people before he was indentured into Caldari servitude. So, in taking a break from mining, I thought I’d run him through the noob missions if for no other reason than to get the several nice parting gifts which include skills and implants.

Of course, this meant the trek back home. For those of you scoring at home, here’s what a 32 jump run looks like (for a noob at least).

To put it in a WoW context, think taking the hippogriff from Auberdine to Feathermoon Stronghold to to Theramore, then the boat to Menethil, then fly to Booty Bay. Only longer. For those of EQ vintage, think running from Ak-Anon across Faydwer to the boat in Butcherblock then running from Freeport to Qeynos.

Traitor that he was, he returned home in a shiny Caldari frigate (a Kestrel no less) and actually had to buy a frigate to do the mining require in the noob missions. He persevered though and dutifully completed the initial Making Mountains Out of Molehills series of missions after which he returned to HQ another 32 jumps away.

I went to the grocery store. I did some laundry. I rebalanced my 401(k). I think next time, I’ll just send a post card home.

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