Big WoW: Wrath of the Lich King

04 Aug

I guess it must be news if it makes the first page of Google News:


As the entire world is reporting, Blizzard has announced its next WoW expansion: Wrath of the Lich King. Candidly, I’m currently still working through WoW: Ennui of the WoW Fan after having completed WoW: Disillusionment of the Fan Base. All hail Tobold, harbinger of doom. His powers of divination are frightening.

Darren at TCS Gamer echoes my general sentiment. Changeable hairstyles and new dances are a headline feature for something they’ll likely ask $50 a pop for (seriously, watch the official trailer)?

Like TBC, the new region will be open to characters two levels below the previous cap (i.e., level 68+ characters). Nice. At least all of you grinding in TBC can stop now knowing that once again new zone greens will likely be far superior to your hard fought infinite attunement epics from Outland. Imagine if Blizz had actually read Tobold’s follow up post “The Better Freezing Jihad“? Now thats an expansion I would have bought in a heartbeat.

So far, file under “meh.”

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