Lost in Evendim…

14 Jun

… or more correctly, the Bree-town crafting hall.

LotRO’s first free content patch Shores of Evendim when live tonight (June 13) and it seemed to go off without much of a hitch, so another good job and congrats to Turbine. I didn’t have time to get in and do much other than look around (mainly because of RL time constraints) but the patch which was sizeable was done before I had completed reading the extensive patch notes.

Ok, maybe I’m a slow reader. In addition to the new zone and quests there were lots of tweaks and bug fixes most of which I probably wont realize until I get in and play around a bit, do some crafting, auction some goods, etc.

One thing I notice right away though. They moved the Bree-town crafting hall. Apparently, crafting was such a success that they decided to expand and go all Big Box on us. The new crafting hall is directly across from the old at Market Square (aka three pigs fountain) and inside looks curiously like the auction hall. A vast improvement with much more room.

At least it was if you were in the “in” crowd. Apparently, when I last logged out as my tailor pre-patch, he was in the OLD crafting hall. Well, when I logged in tonight, he was still in the crafting hall, but it was apparently the NEW crafting hall. Sort of.

The NEW crafting hall (the halls are instanced) is apparently a different shape from the OLD crafting hall. So while I was probably in the same “instance” space, the remodelers had come while I was away and boxed me in. Or out. Or whatever. Like a bad DIY reality show gone bad. Hence my surprise when I logged in to see this:


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve spent most of my life on the outside looking in, but it took me a minute or two to get my bearings.


Yup, there I am. In the crafting hall, but exiled to the Inky Black Oblivion Outside the White Line. Actually it was just a smallish room with a strange wall running across the middle of it preventing me from entering the craft hall proper. But without any door, I was beginning to feel like I’d been cast in the remake of Bad Ronald.

Amused, I unstuck myself by mapping back to Bree (about 50 metres north to the Prancing Pony). Just to be sure they didn’t incorporate eddies in the space-time continuum as part of the patch, I returned to the NEW crafting hall.


Nope. No hanky panky that I could see. You can see in the radarmap I’ve finally made it with the “in” crowd. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for a new delivery of moist towelettes while the Third Age came and went.

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