Potshot 20,000: Thanks!

17 May

At some point in the last day or so, total views on the site topped 20,000!  Not alot by internet standards, but about 19,999 more than I thought I’d ever get, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to say thanks to everyone who’s visited since I launched in mid-January this year.

In particular, a great thanks to Tobold, Brent at Virgin Worlds, Wilhelm2451 at The Ancient Gaming Noob (without whom my virtual existence would have remained in even greater obscurity) and all the other folks who have linked to and commented on my ramblings.  Apparently, as near as I can tell, some of my LotRO posts are nearly as big in Romania as David Hasselhoff.


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One response to “Potshot 20,000: Thanks!

  1. Wilhelm2451

    May 17, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    Is 20K a ding? Congrats!


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