Keepers from the F13 Sigil Interview

16 May

Amazingly candid interview about the Sigil implosion here

Unfortunately, for anyone having gone through the dot-com bust (or really any other technology start-up washout), the firing drama, though gut-wrenching for those that went through it, is a pretty standard affair.  For those left without jobs in the aftermath, best of luck to you in finding something quickly.  Sigil didn’t deserve the amazing efforts it seems that you went through to try to salvage Vanguard.  Any other company would be lucky to have you.

As to the interview, I knew it must have been bad, but I spit coffee on my monitor over these:

Ex-Sigil: … What people don’t understand, is the game that went out the door was literally created in the last 15 months. Design worked 12-18 hour days for 9+ months. Coding and Art worked insane hours as well, all trying to actually get something playable out the door.

Oh sure, lots of people might have said crap like this while bashing VG, but who knew it was actually true?

And then there was this: How was QA treated through the course of development?

Ex-Sigil: QA? QA.

Ex-Sigil: QA was one person up until about November… ONE. What.

Ex-Sigil: 100% serious. What? How? This is an MMOG.

Ex-Sigil: Vanguard had one internal tester for probably 95% of the design cycle.

Ok, I think we all must have known this even if we didn’t want to believe it. 

And finally: How many copies of Vanguard sell between say, release and today?

Ex-Sigil: Around 200k, I think. How many people stayed after the “free” month?

Ex-Sigil: Numbers I heard yesterday were 90k. But I can’t be sure. Actual subscription numbers were something management was very reluctant to tell us.

Ouch.  Somewhere around $350k in development costs for each subscriber.

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