24 Apr

I had nearly given up.  The story thus far:  after two RMA return rounds with my new-old-new monitor, Viewsonic finally decided to replace the beast instead of repairing it.  I sent it in and began wondering if I was starting all over again.  I’m not sure I could take it.

It had been a few weeks after I sent it back when I realized two things:  one, it had been several weeks since I had sent the beast in, so where was this so-called replacement? and two, I was leaving on a week-long trip the next morning.  Of course, why didn’t I think of it.  They would have to send it while I was out of town, then, when UPS left the brightly colored “steal me” box on my porch, they could claim it was delivered and it was my problem that I lived in a bad neighborhood.  Pure genius.

I left town and as expected, it showed up on my porch.  Fortunately, the crazy cat lady that comes over to feed and play with the kitties while we’re out of town takes in the mail and dragged the giant carton inside.  Kudos to Viewsonic, they sent this one back in a non-descript plain brown no-new-computer-monitor-in-here looking box.

So there it was.  Literally the big brown box in the room that I walked around for more than a full week.  After a nice vacation, I just couldn’t see draining all the good emotional energy out of my body with another electronic disappointment.  So sit the box did.  And sit.  And sit.

I spent most of the weekend working on several work projects which were approaching a deadline.  Procrastination being what it is, I had already weedeatered the backyard, done laundry, moved a mountain of recyclables out for pickup and a few other odd jobs that had been stacking up.   Nothing remained between the box and me.  It was either hook up the monitor or actually hunker down and get some work done.  The choice was simple: hook it up.

After this many rounds, I’ve just left all the alternative cabling in place.  Hooking it up was simply a matter of fishing one monitor cable out of the abyss and connecting the power cord.  Voila!  Glorious monitor goodness.  I basked in its radiance.

It couldn’t be this simple.  It seemed fine.  No dead pixels.  It wont last, I thought.  Something will happen.  Well, 48 hours later now and still going strong.  I’ll give Viewsonic credit, they stuck at it and seemed to have made good on their warranty.  Seems like this time, so did I.

Now I’ve got to find something else to blog about, but at least I get to do it on my new shiny monitor!


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