LotRO Shores of Evendim Update Announced

21 Apr


With the most recent patch to the LotRO Open Beta, Turbine announced the first (free) content update, Shores of Evendim, for LotRO scheduled for June this year. With full release merely 3 days away, its great that Turbine already has the first update ready. Even with Turbine’s history of frequent content updates, I’m impressed that the first one will be out scarcely a month after release. If this is going to be even remotely typical for LotRO, I suspect that it will contribute greatly to retaining the interest of the early players.

The timing is obviously by design, but the impression it leaves is distinctly different for WoW fans who endured patches with minor content additions and bug fixes while waiting for 2 years for Burning Crusade.

According to the post, the Shores of Evendim update will include new lands to explore in Eriador, 60 new quests including a new storyline quest to help Aragorn reforge Narsil, a new raid battle, 9 new monsters (hopefully not merely nine new skins), an upgraded music system and collectible armor sets.

This should fit nicely into the lore stream and set the stage for hopefully more content updates that will relate to the progress of the fellowship. If Turbine can keep this up, I can see many players staying interested in the game for some time as the rest of Middle Earth is opened up.

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