28 Mar

Ah, the saga continues.  As you may recall, I’ve been wrestling with my inner and not-so-inner RMA demons regarding a nice ViewSonic monitor I purchased now a very long time ago.  Its been two times through the RMA cycle without resolution, though the kind folks at ViewSonic have been very helpful.

At last writing, I had begun to wonder what had happened to my wayward RMA.  Wilhelm2451, a former insider in the RMA world, was correct (as he usually is) that my cables/no cables paranoia was unfounded.  Literally the day after posted my frustration, the damned thing arrived at my doorstep.  It was like they were (ahem) monitor-ing me.  They waited until I committed, then they made their move.  Bastards.  They keep you on your heels.  That’s their game.

Well, I tore into the box and hooked it up.  Uh oh.  Same problem right out of the box.  I waited a few minutes, rebooted, arrayed some herbs and fruit, lit some incense.  Still no go.  Roll file footage of William Shatner shouting “KHAAAAAAAAN!”, camera pivots overhead and spins.

Talk about taking the wind out of your sails.  It was a full two days before I could even muster the courage to call them back.  I did and to their credit, ViewSonic was overly apologetic and decided to take this to the next level:  Replacement.

Of course, I wonder why we didn’t go there a while ago.  Seems like once through the loop and they’ve pretty much eaten up any profit they might have made on the item, but hey, maybe the CSRs are paid by volume.

So, off it went again to the Island of the Misfit Monitors on ViewSonic’s dime.  At least if the saga continues, we’ll have a new character in the guise of the new monitor.  The downside is that I’m starting to run out of clever RMA- titles…. Stay tuned.

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