Chasing RMA-me…

19 Mar

So as my loyal reader (/wave spouse) may recall, a while ago I sent back (RMA’d) my long ago and now not so shiny or new 19″ LCD monitor for a second time.  An interesting factoid I left out of my original post:  the nice customer service person I spoke with explicitly instructed me not to include any of the cables, software or other materials that came with the monitor.  It sounded odd, so I asked a few more times and repeated it for confirmation. Yup.  Don’t send the stuff.  Ok.  You sure?  Yup.  Don’t send the stuff.  Ok.  Just to be on the safe side though, I did take the opportunity to include some digital photos of the phenomenon I was experiencing to aid whomever might be looking into my monitor’s problem.

The first RMA round went so quickly that I was lulled into a sense of perhaps false complacency that Viewsonic’s vaunted customer service might actually deliver value when it mattered most.  Unfortunately, the final answer to that question is, as of this writing, still unanswered as we enter “WEEK 4: Monitor Held Hostage.”  FYI, Ted Koppel has not yet indicated whether he will begin following this story.

I can only assume at this point that my deepest fears have been realized.  Namely, that because I did not include the software, cabling and miscellaney in the returned box, my monitor is stuck in RMA limbo for want of a “complete return package inventory” (not a real term, I just made that up).  Or, all was well until I violated the unwritten law by including the pictures of the problem with the monitor, hopelessly offending and alienating the tech person evaluating my ticket by insulting their diagnostic prowess thus insuring an Ark of the Covenant like fate for my defunct monitor in the bowels of Viewsonic Service and Repair.  I’m sure its one, or more likely, both of these things that has resulted in my monitors continued bondage.

Of course, I’m not going to call them.  That’s just what they’d want me to do…  We’ll see who blinks first.


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2 responses to “Chasing RMA-me…

  1. Wilhelm2451

    March 19, 2007 at 6:10 am

    Having worked on the repair end of the RMA process, I know why they ask you not to send your cables and what not.

    All the repair techs will have an ample supply of cables and equipment at their stations. They are ready to deal with the item you are sending back. They do not need your stuff.

    Anything else you send along will be excess baggage that somebody will have to spend extra time dealing with. And heaven help the hapless tech that loses track of anybody’s favorite cable, even if it is the shipping department that loses it. That customer will inevitably be on the phone complaining to anybody who will listen about how their particular item was special and cost them twice as much as retail and no replacement the company could possibly come up with would be sufficient.

    I’ve been that tech and it was a rabbi from New York who did not get back every excess item he insisted on packing in the box after we told him to send only the item in question. To this day I won’t answer a phone call if caller ID shows the 212 area code.

    I just sent my ATI x1950 back as an RMA and I put nothing in the box beyond the card, the packaging, and a printed note with my information and the RMA number. Simple is best in these situations.

    I did take pictures of the display when then x1950 was hooked up, in order to be able to show the problem that I described but held them back as a second line of defense should the card work perfectly when it arrives at the replacement facility. (Because those tech test stations exist in a verifiable alternate reality.)


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