PlayOn: What I want to be when I grow up.

06 Mar

Doing the daily surf on Virgin Worlds and saw that Brent had picked up a very cool article on PlayOn about accumulated leveling times in WoW since the release of BC.

The data suggests that it will take a player on average 15 full days of accumulated playing time to reach level 70, and that the 10-day mark is crossed at approximately level 56.

A really interesting bit of work with real data.  Lots of other wonderfully good stuff on the site too. 

Three things of note:

First, I’m reassured that our little twice weekly group is somewhat on track.  According to their leveling curve, level 44 (where we are) should take about 7 days of accumulated play time to reach.  Last check, my level 44 priest had just over 7 days under his belt.  Not bad, considering we only play about 4-5 hours a week on average, and by and large only doing instances.

Second, I’m an imbecile for not knowing these guys existed until now.  I guess I don’t get out much.  For those that don’t know,

The PlayOn project at PARC is an investigation into the social dimensions of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and virtual worlds – extensive, persistent 3D environments that are populated by thousands of players at any given moment.

PARC as in former Xerox PARC.  Those zany knuckleheads that brought you the laser printer, ethernet, the GUI, the mouse, distributed computing…in the early 1970’s.

Third, I feel like my entire life to date has been wasted because doing what PlayOn does is what I could have been doing all this time.  Great stuff.  Check it out.

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