Damned lies and statistics

Continuing the theme of WAR XP weirdness…

Our regular “Saturday” group also convenes informally on Thursdays to do whatever– gather, quest, craft, etc.  So with WAR being pretty flexible in that regard, four of us we thought we’d head off and do some Tier 2 PQs while waiting for scenarios to pop.  For a while there were four of us, and then just three and it was then that I noticed how much xp we were getting (or not getting) as we continued working through the PQs in Barack Varr.

Two of us were at Rank 12 and one at Rank 16.  The mobs in those areas were generally 13-14, white con or “equal” to the two lowbies and green con or “easy” to the highbie.  There were a few in the 15-16 range.  Each of us were getting about 96 xp per kill (3 x 96 = 288 xp total).  When the Rank 16 retired for the evening, the other 12 and I decide to plug away a bit more since we were only a few percent from Rank 13 and not too far from completing that stage of the PQ which would mean extra bonus.

As a party of two, we were each getting something like 296 xp per kill for the same mobs (2 x 296 = 592 xp total) or slightly more than 3 times the amount received when the third higher rank party member was there.  We were killing them a bit faster as a threesome, but not 3 times faster versus a twosome.

Ouch.  Now granted, there was a slight level disparity, but wow, that realy trivialized the experience.  It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t run in, AoE nuke, loot, repeat either.  I was hoping that we wouldnt have to be so close in rank to avoid such a penalty.

This is just one off the cuff impression, but I’m sure there are those out there making a study of these PvE/group/warband xp issues.  Any thoughts?

To continue the theme from my last post, it was precisely these sorts of disincentives that has killed group collaboration in WoW outside of instances and raids.

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